Role of the Governing body

A Governing body has three core functions, as set out in the 2014 Department for Education’s Governors’ Handbook:

  • setting the strategic decision
  • holding the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school
  • ensuring financial health, probity and value for money


These core functions are consistent with the criteria that Ofsted will use to judge the governing board.

Strong Governance is a key part of a successful school.

(“A Framework for Governance: A flexible guide to strategic planning”

NGA January 2015)


The Governing Body at Coads Green Primary School has a responsibility to keep in touch with what is happening in all aspects of school life. Although their role is strategic, it is important that they have some understanding of the practicalities of the job.

Meeting children, talking to staff and seeing lessons underway will help members of the Governing Body to understand some of the issues they are required to discuss and make decisions about with greater clarity.


Another key role and responsibility for the Governing Body is to monitor the progress and performance of the school. Undertaking visits demonstrates the Governors’ role in the strategic management of the school by helping to hold the school to account, evaluating its progress and being instrumental in driving improvement.

Annual Governance Statement – September 2016

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