Our Ethos

At Coads Green Pre-school we aim to provide high quality childcare for your children.  We offer a child-centred approach where all children are encouraged to develop their creativity, individuality and self-confidence in secure, safe and happy surroundings, where everyone has the opportunity for a firm foundation in lifelong learning to the best of their ability. Great care is taken to meet and develop their emotional, social and physical needs.


Children need to feel a sense of security and belonging when they are away from their parents/carers, and this is a key to the philosophy we follow.  We strive to ensure that all children feel happy, relaxed and safe, and encourage them to feel confident in co-operating and developing good relationships with the adults caring for them and with other children in their group.


We have a wide range of appropriate learning materials, stimulating toys and activities, for both indoor and outdoor use.  Surrounded by their peers, children can develop at their own pace, play a full part in activities devised for their age, and enthusiastically learn new skills.


Every child is recognised and treated as an individual, within a framework of the highest ethical standards and equal opportunities.  We work closely with parents to provide a level of care that meets the high standards you would expect for your child.