Our Principles

Children Will:


  •      Be kept safe at all times.
  •      Come first at all times.
  •      Be shown respect and have their views heard.
  •      Be given choices whenever possible.
  •      Feel valued and important.
  •      Have fun within sensible boundaries.
  •      Be given the environment to learn naturally, at their own pace.
  •      Learn important life skills, independence, respect for themselves and respect for others.
  •      Be given positive encouragement and have their self-esteem boosted.
  •      Be happy and supported.



Parents Will:


  •      Know that their children are kept safe at all times.
  •      Know that they are important and will be involved and included with    what we do.
  •      Know that we care about their children.
  •      Feel confident in the staff and be able to confide in them if they wish.
  •      Know that their child is happy, well supported and having fun.



Staff Will:


  • Be approachable and friendly.
  • Be professional at all times.
  • Accommodate parent’s requirements and or requests wherever possible.
  • Respect individual needs of parents and children.
  • Continue to update their training and professional development to maintain and provide high standards of care.
  • Understand child development.
  • Understand and adhere to Coads Green School policies and procedures.
  • Keep information regarding parents and their children confidential.
  • Feel valued and happy.