September 2020

30th September 2020

Today we celebrated the beginning of Autumn with a non uniform day. This was to raise money for the Campbell family, in particular Kaston.
Thank you to everyone who donated today - we have raised approximately £60.
Here is the latest update from Jennifer (Mum):
4 weeks ago, Kaston was told that he was in remission and that he was ready for the next stage of his treatment which is called consolidation. His neutrophils (the good white cells that fight infections) had recovered from the first lot of chemotherapy. Once he had had a week’s break, he started on daily chemotherapy at home and in hospital. Also he has weekly lumbar punctures to administer chemotherapy into his spine. Kaston has done a week so far and continues to fight really hard to keep his leukaemia at bay.
He has had more blood transfusions and platelet transfusions due to the chemotherapy destroying these parts of his body. He will start stage 3 of his journey very soon and it is called interim maintenance – we have been told this will be a very tough stage!
His sisters are amazing in supporting Kaston in many ways and they all miss each other loads now that the girls have gone back to school. It’s exhausting with daily trips to Derriford hospital, but we all know it’s vital for Kaston to keep fighting. We will be so glad when he is in maintenance and his treatment starts to calm down a bit.
As his Mum, it’s exhausting, but without the girls understanding and support, the school and a few close friends it would be very lonely indeed. Even though I do it all alone with him in hospital, I know people are close to help in any way they can.
Thank you all!