Meet Lenny

Meet Lenny our learning lemur.
He lives in our school and can often be seen sitting and watching the children learning.
Lenny likes us to promote 5 learning characteristics -
Reflective - learning involves us thinking about what we have read, done, or learned and relating the learning to our own lives and making meaning out of the information we have.
Resilience - is an important skill to learn, because it gives us the things we need to deal with the stresses, changes, uncertainties, and troubles that we sometimes experience. If we are resilient, we can do well in any situation.
Curiosity - prepares our brain for learning.  If our teacher is able to make us curious about something, we are naturally motivates to learn.  This means we'll be better prepared to learn things that we might think are boring or difficult.
Collaborative  -  learning is when we work in groups together to solve problems, complete tasks or create something.  Collaborative learning is good when conservations with others take place.
Independent - learning is the ability to work on our own, with confidence and little or no adult support.  This includes how we manage our own learning as well as how to respond to difficulties or challenges.
5 fascinating facts about lemurs!
  1. Lemurs come in all sorts of different sizes and colours, but Lenny is a ring tailed lemur.  Ring tailed lemurs live on a little island off Africa called Madagascar.
  2. Even though Lenny has such big eyes, he can't see very well and can't even see colours!
  3. Lenny has the most amazing long stripy tail.  He uses his tail to balance when running on thin branches or jumping between trees.
  4. Lemurs are incredibly social.  They spend lots of the day playing with each other. They are also known for forming close bonds with other lemurs.
  5. Ring tailed lemurs are also one of the most intelligent species of lemur.