School Ethos

Climate Change and Sustainability.

School Ethos.

The Department for Education's (DfE) announcement of November 2021 outlined a Sustainable Schools Framework ("the eight doorways") which were: 

  • reducing carbon in schools
  • reducing energy and water use in schools
  • sustainable purchasing
  • sustainable school travel
  • reducing waste in schools
  • food and catering services
  • developing the global dimensions and engaging with biodiversity


We have already identified a need to prioritise sustainability and climate change within our school.

We have bug hotels and flowers within our school grounds to help support biodiversity and local ecosystems.

We recycle paper, hard and soft plastics and are committed to reducing waste, water and energy.

We raise awareness of climate change within the school and local community through our weekly SMSC, assemblies and events.

We continually review our lunchtime provision to ensure food is locally sourced and minimises environmental impact.

Many of our pupils and families walk or cycle to school which reduces excess pollution and energy usage.

The staff and Governors at Coads Green Primary School are committed to improving and evolving our response to sustainability and climate change. Although work has already begun, this will be an ongoing and continual process.


Climate Curriculum 

In the same announcement of November 2021, the DfE also stated:


Teachers will be supported to deliver world-leading climate change education through a model science curriculum, which will be in place by 2023, to teach children about nature and their impact on the world around them.


There is an expectation that the new curriculum will be introduced in September 2023 and we are hopeful there will be more detail released in the Spring term 2023. 

There is already a considerable amount of climate content in our current learning provision throughout the school. These opportunities cross the curriculum integrating science, geography, history, English, SMSC, PSHE, outdoor learning, computing, DT and art.

Staff have begun to review and assess curriculum coverage in preparation for the impending changes to the curriculum and will be modelled on the Leeds DEC Development Education Centre “Big Ideas” curriculum which focuses on 7 key strands. They use the UN's Sustainable Development Goal for Climate Action as a starting point to provide a summary of the most important things young people need to know about climate change by the time they leave school.

  •   Scientific Background
  •   Impacts
  •   Consumption and Climate Justice
  •   Urgency
  •   Responses and Actions
  •   Possible Futures
  •   Mindsets and Viewpoints
  •   Feelings and Behaviours

Miss Claire Bader

Head Teacher

Key Lead for Sustainability