Vision and Values

Achieve, Believe, Succeed

At Coads Green Primary School we strive to deliver a high quality, engaging and inclusive education within a safe environment where all pupils can flourish and reach new goals. We believe that all our pupils can and will achieve in all aspects of our creative and stimulating curriculum. We inspire our pupils to become confident and caring individuals through tolerance and appreciation.


At Coads Green Primary School our VISION is a short, precise, agreed statement of intent setting out where the school aims to be. The vision is the ultimate goal for the school community and a vivid picture of what our school is trying to achieve in the future. Our aim is to provide high quality education for all our children, enabling them to reach their full potential by continually striving to find exciting and innovative opportunities for our pupils.

Our VALUES influence how we conduct ourselves in every interaction we have with others. Our values dictate our behaviours. Values are the means by which our school expresses its vision in daily life and opportunities. Our pupils are expected to be resilient, reflective, independent, curious and co-operative in their learning.

LIVED EXPERIENCE is the means to deliver our vision and values to the school community through everyday life. It encompasses the opportunities and knowledge that they gain from these experiences. (These are the practical tools to deliver the vision and values.)

  •         Capabilities curriculum
  •         Enrichment curriculum
  •         Broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils
  •         Woodland skills Centre
  •         After school clubs
  •         Access to ARENA sports partnership to provide high quality PE 
  •         Trauma Informed Schools practitioners
  •         Rights Respecting Schools
  •         Visible Learning