Capabilities Curriculum

What is a Capabilities Curriculum?

It is:

A creative curriculum which measures social and emotional capabilities which improve children’s learning, valuing the development of the whole child and preparing them for the future.

An Daras Trust have chosen to adopt a curriculum framework informed by pupil’s social and emotional well-being. The class capability scores are used to inform a teachers approach to the lesson, which will help growth in these valuable characteristics.

These capabilities are evidenced as being necessary for future success, and by measuring them we are placing real value on them.

There are 7 capability strands:

Managing feelings       



Relationships and Leadership      

Planning and Problem-Solving         


Resilience and Determination


A class vote is held 3 times a year – at Autumn, Spring and Summer mid terms.

A dot is placed on the chart and is used as a tool to talk about the children’s emotional health throughout the year.